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Visiting A Suboxone Doctor? Here’s What You Should Expect

You’ve taken the first step to choose life. Know that not everyone has the courage to ask for help and control their lives. Though you’ll find many recovery programs, there’s a chance of opioid misuse. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are effective But starting drug treatment with the help of a suboxone doctor can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what to expect and where to start from, here’s a complete guide for you.

Prepare Yourself For Questions

This doesn’t mean you’ll be bombarded with questions. A series of questions are asked by the suboxone doctor so that they can help you. The questions may include the information about your addiction, which opiate you’re addicted to, how frequently you use it, and other questions. Answer the questions honestly and know that the doctors are there to help you. But they can only do so if you want to get help.

The Intake Process

The intake process is highly-professional, safe, and easy. Confidentiality is maintained, and your privacy is respected. Many suboxone clinics offer same-day appointments like at MD M.A.T.T.; we offer same-day appointments that last for an hour. The intake process is about you and your program director and practitioner getting to know you.

First Visit

The first regular visit following the intake process involves meeting with a small group of staff, including professionals. The staff lays out the program structure and guides you on how things will work. The items covered, future goals, community building, and support mechanisms are all discussed. A professional team will set attainable goals.

Follow Up Meetings

Your suboxone practitioner will meet you in a set period of time. Mostly the follow-up is based on monthly meetings as you recover. The same time and date can be scheduled for every month, but many clinics offer their patients to change the time or date. Make sure you communicate with your practitioner. The focus of your doctor will be on recovery instead of addiction. This way, you can focus on finding solutions and skills for community and self-building.

MATT Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Technology (MATT) is the specialized team dedicated to helping patients with opioid dependence. Using a scientific approach, practitioners offer tried and tested solutions to patients.

If you’re looking for a suboxone clinic that offers MATT services in Owings Mills and Baltimore, visit MD M.A.T.T. Our clinic uses advanced technology to support patients’ physical and mental health. The team of professionals eases the intake to regular appointments processes for patients. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.