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The Treatment Process at Our Suboxone Clinic in White Marsh


Our intake process is safe, easy, and professional. New patients can schedule same-day appointments and can process their intake packet online. After a new patient completes their forms, your appointment can be scheduled. You can expect your first appointment at the clinic to last approximately an hour, so that our practitioner and program director can get to know you. You see, we believe that our patients are our extended family!

The First Visit

During your first regular visit, you will be in a small group setting where our professionals will lay out the program and the structure of how things work. Items we will cover are the path to your future, support mechanisms, and community building. This is where you can set reasonable goals and action plan how to achieve them.

Follow-Up Appointments

You will be able to meet with your assigned practitioner monthly, once you progress in your recovery. You can schedule the same date and time every month or change it as needed. What is important is that you keep all of your appointments and communicate with our well-trained staff of professionals. The focus during this period will be on our recovery work, not on your addiction. You will find your focus and purpose to work toward solutions and learn the life skills needed for both self and community building.


Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology (MATT) is our specialized team that treats our patient’s addiction to opioids with a scientific approach and medications that are tried, tested, and proven to work. Our team of professionals uses current technology to support our patient’s mental and physical health and ease their live during early recovery.

Change is key and technology will help you with that change; however, for long-term change, patients need to get ahold of their purpose and their place through goal setting and action planning. You will have the science, support, and community needed to have long-lasting change.


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Will M.

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