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3 Things to Consider Before Starting Suboxone Treatment

Everyone likes being surrounded by friends, living a safe life with a job that pays the bills, and strong family relationships. However, opioid addiction can hinder your efforts for such a life. If you’re struggling to quit opioid use, a suboxone treatment can help you out. Several addiction treatment programs use suboxone to prevent opioid addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and dependence. But the treatment that’s best for you depends on several factors. Let’s discuss a few considerations that you need to make before starting a suboxone treatment.

1. Suboxone Alone Doesn’t Help You Too Much

Suboxone on its own may allow you to perform daily functions, but it doesn’t treat the psychological and behavioral issues that developed your addiction habit. Any childhood event, PTSD, mental condition, trauma can lead to addiction development. For addressing the psychological factors, suboxone is combined with treatment programs like Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Therefore, a comprehensive treatment with suboxone which includes psychological counseling is advised to recover from opioid dependence completely.

2. The Treatment Isn’t for Everyone

Similar to medication, suboxone also has side effects, and because of these, the treatment provider will have to look through your medical history. For instance, if you have a problem breathing, you must discuss these issues with the doctor.   Similarly, for pregnant women, NOWS is a severe concern. There’s also the risk of suboxone misuse with other opioids that give it an elevated effect. Everything needs to be checked by a doctor before starting your suboxone treatment.

3. Suboxone Dependency

If suboxone is stopped suddenly, you may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like intense cravings. This is similar to opioid dependence and is mainly caused because of the buprenorphine that’s found inside the suboxone. This is why you need to consider a complete treatment where suboxone is administered in a more controlled environment. Complete treatment programs also help you get through acute and post-acute withdrawal periods to ensure complete recovery.

It’s worth noting that patients must always consult a doctor from known suboxone clinics before considering a suboxone treatment for opioid addiction or dependence. If you’re looking for a treatment for your opioid addiction, MD M.A.T.T is a suboxone treatment center in Owings Mills with professional suboxone doctors. Our clinic offers Medication-Assisted Treatment and Technology (MATT), which treats addiction to opioids scientifically. We also provide follow-up and same-day appointments to comprehensively examine a patient’s condition and help them accordingly. Contact us today for more information.