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4 Things to Say to Someone In Recovery

Words have a lot of influence and power. Expressions of encouragement and love that are thoughtfully chosen are invaluable when looking to help and support a family member or friend during their recovery. You can express your appreciation and support in the most effective way possible by using the phrases listed below in this blog.

1. I Love You

A simple expression of love will go a long way with someone trying to deal with their addiction. People who are recovering often feel neglected and isolated from their world. They also experience guilt and shame due to their past behavior. Simply reiterating that you love them can be very helpful in supporting them in their recovery process.

2. You’re Not Alone

Often times, people in recovery feel alone and isolated. The stigma around drug and drug abuse makes them feel they can’t talk about what they’re going through, and they are somewhat different. Reassuring them that they are not alone in this fight and are supported and loved by the people in their surroundings will make it a whole lot easier for them to recover.

3. Proud of You

Often times, people struggling with abuse or recovering feel guilty about their actions. They feel like they are a burden on their friends and family. If you know a person who’s in recovery, tell them you’re proud of them. This will encourage them in their recovery and reassure them that their efforts to quit and recover are appreciated by their loved ones.

4. How Are You Feeling?

Simply asking a person about how they’re feeling will help them comfort them and help them open up to you. Often times, people suffering from drug abuse and in recovery tend to confine their emotions to themselves and not open up, which results in a build-up of anxiety and stress. Asking them about their feeling will help them talk to you about it.

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