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3 Strategies to Talk To Someone About Their Alcohol Addiction

It might be difficult to know how to support a beloved who is having problems with drinking. You’ll be able to offer your help and support to get your friend or family member the help they require by becoming knowledgeable about alcohol abuse, thinking through possible conversation topics, and establishing a plan and direction for your chat. While some of their loved ones successfully seek therapy, many are unwilling to make changes or even have honest dialogues. Even though you’re a member of the family, finding the confidence and the correct words to speak might be difficult. But eventually, you’ll have to arrange a meeting with them so that you may express your worries. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the strategies you can employ to talk to your loved ones about their alcohol addiction.

1. Think About Where to Begin

Starting a chat like this is definitely not easy, and being very honest, there’s no nice way to put it. You’ll simply have to be explicit about it and confront your loved one. Confronting doesn’t mean threatening or forcing them. You’ll have to be straightforward in putting your concern about them in front of them. You can start by clearly informing them how much you love and care about them, but their behavior and habits need to change.

2. Plan Most of the Things You’re Going to Say

Plan the things you’re going to say or talk about with your loved ones. Again, you have to be firm but not forceful. Do not intimidate them, in fact, try and convince them. Don’t make them scared or that they start being defensive. Remember, the urge to change and quit alcohol, or any other addiction, has to come from within the person themselves and can’t be forced Be gentle but firm with your words and try your best to persuade them genuinely. Listen to them as well, don’t just try to impose your opinion on them.

3. Notice Your Body Language

If one thing is more important than talking to your loved one, it’s your body language, especially during the talk. Always try to stay calm, even if you’re getting frustrated by their responses. Try to remain seated comfortably. Avoid pacing around the room because this will not only be of no help to you; it’s not pleasant for your loved one as well. If your loved one is talking, appear to be attentive and listening in order to give them confidence and empathy. Try and remove other things like phones and TV which might distract either of you in your conversation.

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