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Why Stopping without a Weaning Period is a Bad Idea

The urge to suddenly quit the use of drugs may emerge for multiple reasons — you may be as regular drug users who suddenlyfeel guilty about their substance use disorder, or your family may ground you aftercatching you red-handed with alcohol or other drugs. In either situation, what shouldn’t be done is the attempt to quit cold turkey without help or assistance from healthcare professionals.

What Quitting Cold Turkey Means

Quitting substances cold turkey ideally refers to cutting off the supply of a drug to your system too quickly. This makes going cold turkey unsafe — symptoms are known to get as severe as irregular heart rhythms and seizures to more life-threatening ones. Cravings and withdrawal symptomscan be very difficult to manage, but under the examination of medical professionals, controlled drug detox programs become easier to execute.

The Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey

Your nervous system depends on drugs intake, which makes it dangerous to quit on your own. Any attempt made to abruptly remove the drug from the system can result in serious medical complications. It’s likely to begin with appetite loss, delusions, hallucinations, irritability, hyperthermia, nausea, restlessness, seizures, and tremors in the first 6 to 24 hours after consumption. But as with alcohol consumption, the user is likely to develop DT or delirium tremens that may even turn fatal (as it has a mortality rate of 5 percent). If not death, quitting drugs cold turkey makes the body lose tolerance to the substance, causing a relapse — the satisfaction of which is only satisfied with a greater amount of the substance. Remember that symptoms vary from one user to the next, based on different changes within the body. An appropriately planned, reasonable, and safe drug detoxification program is likely to keep you from relapsing for longer.

Don’t Stop Without A Weaning Period!

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