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White Marsh is a Leader in Recovery!

Our suboxone doctornear White Marsh, Maryland is now taking new patients.  Our Suboxone clinic uses medication assisted treatment and technology to overcome opioid addiction. The use of Suboxone and other medications, counseling, and technology to help patients through early recovery.  When you or someone that you care about is suffering from opioid addiction or any type of substance use disorder, the best solution is an outpatient medication-assisted therapy plan. Does Suboxone Work? Suboxone is a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone.  The medication is available in pill form or sublingual film. The benefits of Suboxone are no hospitalization is required, the medication reduces cravings for opioids, and Suboxone alleviates withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone will stop most overdoses. Suboxone is used in a combination with other medications, counseling, and technology. We have had great success with our patients using Suboxone treatment. Suboxone Doctor Near White Marsh, Maryland Call our amazing staff to make an appointment. They will make a timely appointment for you and answer your questions and concerns. Once you have an appointment scheduled, you can fill out the new patient forms online or come in a few minutes early the day of your appointment and do them. If your insurance company requires a referral, ask your primary physician for one.  On the day of your appointment bring any required referral and co-pay, a photo ID, and your insurance card. Medicaid and many other private insurances are accepted. Time for a Change! With medication-assisted treatment, those suffering from opioid addiction are able to quickly stop using dangerous narcotics without suffering from the painful and dangerous side effects of opioid withdrawals and cravings. The results have been tremendous, as many patients continue to turn their lives around. To make an appointment with our Suboxone doctor near White Marsh, Maryland, call our clinic today!