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The Effect of Heroin on the Brain and Body

Did you know that heroin abusers are 20 times more likely to experience an early death than the average person? Starting from breathing complications, disorientation, drowsiness and dry mouth to low blood pressure, weak pulse, and gastric troubles, the acute overdose of heroine might even progress into the user ending up in a coma.

Effects on the Brain

Heroin is either smoked, snorted via the nasal passage, or injected into the veins. Regardless of the chosen method, the substance reaches the brain quickly to trigger a euphoric effect. Users are reported to feel happier immediately after consuming this drug, as though the world had slowed down. However, long-term abuse of heroin is likely to permanently cease or reduce the production of endorphins, as the brain resists the production of opioid chemicals naturally upon encountering a synthetic opioid. In addition, it may also make learning difficult, hinder clear thinking patterns, and make concentration impossible as it decreases the production of neurotransmitters.

Effects on the Body

Since heroin hinders the central nervous system, it subsequently blocks all exit passages to the body for receiving pain messages. Heroin is also known to slow the heart rate, which is why overdose of the substance is highly likely to result in death. Long-term abuse makes the body a breeding ground for bacterial infections. You become more susceptible to diseases that alter the function of organs, such as the heart, liver, and kidney. The best approach for treating heroin-induced brain or body damage is to detox after enrollment into a rehabilitation program. Remember that drug detoxification should never be attempted without guidance from healthcare workers.

Treating Heroin Addiction in White Marsh

If you (or your loved ones) are troubled by this powder derived from opium poppies, it’s best to reach out to healthcare professionals.  Maryland’s Medication Assisted Treatment & Technology, or MD M.A.T.T., in White Marsh, Maryland, is a heroin addiction center that can help treat dependency. Our Suboxone treatment centers are run by qualified drug detox doctors who make efforts to reverse the damage of the drug on your mind and body.