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Living With an Addict: How to Get Them The Help They Need

When you share a home with other people, you need to strike a balance and show some empathy to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness. But if you share your home with someone struggling with an addiction, achieving such goals may be more difficult. If you’re seeing a loved one, like your spouse, slip into addiction, we understand that it must have brought a lot of worry and anxiety into your life. Suboxone doctors in White Marsh agree that it’s easy to lose hope when living with someone who has alcohol or drug abuse isues. However, most people who struggle with addiction eventually find their way to a healthier, more satisfying way of life. Until then, addiction psychiatrists in Baltimore offer suggestions for coping, along with some unpleasant realities you’ll have to confront.

Ensure Your Family’s Safety–And Yours

This is a top priority if you have children or elderly relatives in the house. Make sure everyone in the home understands the ground rules and limits. Sometimes it’s even necessary to temporarily ask a family member to move out for their safety.

Put Yourself First

Learn to put your own needs first. Understandably, you and your loved ones are going through a challenging period, and it’s easy to forget about your health when you’re under so much pressure. Instead, make an effort to give yourself time and attention daily. Taking care of yourself involves working out, eating healthy, and relaxing. There’s also no shame in going for therapy. In the worst case scenario, some drug abusers must reach their lowest point before confessing the reality to themselves, and sometimes it can be too late. However, this does not mean you must hit rock bottom with them, especially if you have kids. You are within your right to leave if things take a negative turn.

Always Have Support

Having support from people you trust, such as friends, family, therapists, or even the authorities, may help you with difficult situations. Those addicted to substances are not inherently dangerous. However, someone who is severely impaired by drug use may pose a threat.

Restrict Their Access to Money

Your loved one may resort to whatever means necessary to acquire money to feed their addiction. Therefore, it’d be wise to cut them off from access to all financial resources. As an added layer of security, you can even consider opening a new bank account.

Establish Clear Guidelines and Requirements

You may even make a list if you have to. If your loved one violates these rules, there should be clear repercussions.

Get Them the Help They Need

If your loved one has tried individual therapy and it hasn’t been effective in treating the condition, it may be time to discuss enrolling in a treatment program. Rehabilitative measures, talk therapy, and nutritional guidance are all potential avenues for this. You can even consult drug detox doctors in White Marsh for the best course of action.

Are you a concerned spouse looking for drug treatment centers in MD? At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology (MD M.A.T.T), we understand how having someone in the family struggle with drug use may damage and destroy relationships. Therefore, we offer substance abuse treatment in White Marsh. Contact us today to learn about our addiction doctors in White Marsh and addiction psychiatrists in Baltimore or to schedule an appointment.