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Avoid Scams By Picking The Right Treatment Clinic

It’s great that you’ve decided to enter a rehabilitation center to overcome your substance abuse issues. You’ve taken the first positive step toward recovery! However, getting started may be challenging for many families. Many people don’t understand how crucial it is to pick the right addiction treatment clinic, just like they would choose any other clinic. After all, all doctors have the goal of aiding their patients, right? In the vast majority of situations, this is accurate. But there are also several shady characters, from dissatisfied staff to actual physicians, who have figured out methods to cheat the system, stealing money from their colleagues and the insurance providers and patients they serve. Here are some of the most typical scams perpetrated by those working in the field of rehabilitation, along with advice on how to avoid falling victim to them.

Patient Brokering

Physicians engaging in patient brokering commit a crime by illegally compensating agents for sourcing patients on their behalf. These brokers target patients and family members, convincing them that the institutions they represent are the safest option.

100% Guarantee

No rehab or suboxone doctor, however good, can promise you’ll be clean and sober in a month. You and your will to stay sober significantly impact how far you get on the road to recovery. When a treatment facility advertises itself as a panacea for addiction, they are taking advantage of those who genuinely want to beat their addiction. Instead, try to choose an addiction treatment center with a solid program. They should be honest about what they provide, employ a staff of qualified medical and addiction treatment doctors, and offer follow-up care after you’ve finished treatment.

Poorly Described Methods of Treatment

Doing your research before settling on a certain addiction treatment center is important. Rehab centers that are obscure about their treatments, location, and staff often try to disguise the fact that they are untrained to treat you. Disregard optimistic claims and, instead, look at the evidence. Find out exactly what they treat with and if they use any therapy supported by scientific evidence. Do they provide medication-assisted treatment? Do they provide counseling and psychiatric services? Finding an actual drug treatment center among the many scams is possible if you ask the right questions.

Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in White Marsh

We collaborate with patients to investigate potential treatments to learn more about their substance abuse. Since every patient has their requirements and objectives, we do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient receives individualized care and support designed to help them reach their full potential. So if you’re looking for a reliable addiction treatment clinic in White Marsh, don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact us to schedule an appointment with our highly experienced drug detox doctors in White Marsh.