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A Comprehensive Guide to Buprenorphine Use

Buprenorphine medication is used as a drug addiction treatment for opioids. The substance belongs to a class of drugs known as mixed opioid agonist-antagonists. This helps prevent withdrawal symptoms that are caused due to the body adjusting to the sudden absence of opioids in their system. Buprenorphine is also used in suboxone, a part of a MAT; a complete treatment program for drug abuse. Let’s discuss some important things about it to give you a better idea.

Using Buprenorphine

It is advised that buprenorphine is used only when directed by a medical professional, usually once a day. The medicine is administered sublingually. The patient needs to place the medicine under their tongue for around 5-10 minutes and let it dissolve. However, if someone is prescribed more than one dose each day, they need to place two or more under the tongue. It’s also important to note that these medicines shouldn’t be chewed. Otherwise, their effects are diluted. Additionally, this shouldn’t be injected as this can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine alone is generally used for the first few days after stopping opioid consumption and is usually administered at your doctor’s office. The dosage depends on the medical condition of the patient and their response to the treatment.

Side Effects

Dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, and headaches are frequent occurrences from buprenorphine use. If the side effects persist longer than usual, the patient should consult a doctor or a pharmacist. Since this medicine is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms, it may rarely cause opioid withdrawal symptoms. These include cause diarrhea, mood swings, anxiety, troubled sleeping, irritability, and muscle stiffness.

Interactions With Other Drugs

Interactions with other drugs can change how buprenorphine works. There can also be serious side effects. Keep a list of all the medicines you take and share the list with your doctor. Don’t start or change your dosage without the doctor’s instructions.

Patients must always consult medical professionals from suboxone clinics before using buprenorphine. However, if you’re looking for a treatment for your opioid addiction, MD M.A.T.T is a suboxone treatment center in Owings Mills with professional suboxone doctors. Our clinic offers Medication-Assisted Treatment and Technology (MATT), which treats addiction to opioids scientifically. We also provide follow-up and same-day appointments to comprehensively examine a patient’s condition and help them accordingly. Contact us today for more information.