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Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

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Opioid addiction is incredibly challenging to overcome without professional help, and opioid withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. Fortunately, opioid addiction treatment in White Marsh, MD, doesn’t have to involve a lengthy stay at an opioid rehab. Treatment options, such as medication-assisted treatment and counseling, can provide the support and structure necessary for successful recovery. 

man sits on a couch at therapist's office discussing opioid addiction treatment

MD M.A.T.T. offers an opioid addiction treatment program in White Marsh, MD, and the surrounding areas. We make stopping opioid abuse convenient and achievable with outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, and technology. Call 410.505.7434 today to learn more about opioid addiction treatment in White Marsh at MD M.A.T.T.  

Getting Help for Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms 

Opioids are potent drugs, and ongoing use quickly leads to intense physical and psychological dependence. This effect is what makes stopping opioid abuse such a challenge. Attempting to stop opioid abuse without medical assistance brings on opioid withdrawal symptoms that range from uncomfortable to fatal. Some of the most common opioid withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Cramps
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration

Opioid withdrawal can result in dehydration, severe enough to cause death. Depending on a person’s state of health, it can also lead to additional health complications. Finally, opioid withdrawal quickly lowers tolerance. Often, severe withdrawal symptoms push a person to use opioids again, leading to a higher risk of misjudged tolerance and overdose.

How Our Opioid Rehab Makes a Difference

We help patients successfully stop opioid abuse. Our program uses medication to combat opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Patients also have access to a team of trained behavioral health professionals, including:

  • Medical doctors
  • Counselors
  • Psychiatrists

Patients are supported physically through medication and on a mental and emotional level through the support of our treatment team. Our psychiatrists assist with identifying any mental health concerns contributing to a patient’s opioid use. At the same time, our counselors are available to help patients navigate the transition into opioid addiction recovery. 

At MD M.A.T.T., we prioritize patient comfort and support. We offer same-day appointments, and a visit to our clinic is much like a visit to any doctor’s office. Our patients don’t contend with crowded waiting rooms or long wait times. 

How MD M.A.T.T. Helps Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

MD M.A.T.T. takes a scientific approach to addiction treatment by using a combination of medication and technology to support patients in overcoming opioid abuse. Patients at MD M.A.T.T. receive a subscription to Suboxone as part of our opioid addiction treatment program. 

Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication used for decades to improve opioid addiction treatment outcomes successfully. It provides immediate relief for physical opioid withdrawal symptoms. Coupled with therapeutic services, Suboxone is also highly effective in helping stop psychological cravings for opioids, which is a leading cause of relapse. 

Find an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program in White Marsh, MD, at MD M.A.T.T.

If you’re considering an opioid addiction treatment program in White Marsh, MD, or the nearby areas, MD M.A.T.T. offers the keys to successfully overcoming opioid abuse. Our use of medication-assisted treatment helps patients stop using opioids successfully and provides relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms on both the physical and psychological levels. 

Our treatment team assists patients with establishing goals and plans for the future to help support recovery on all levels. MD M.A.T.T. blends science, technology, and community to create a treatment program to support long-term recovery, improved health, and higher quality of life. For more information, contact us at 410.505.7434 and ask about the opioid addiction treatment programs available at MD M.A.T.T. in White Marsh, MD.